Quit Coffee:5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Your Favorite Beverage!

Millions of people all over the world start their day with a warm cup of coffee. In fact,I know quiet a lot of people who swear by coffee and say it gives them the push to remain active the entire day.But before you continue drinking your favorite beverage,thinking its beneficial for your body,read up some of the negative side effects of your favorite beverage.Caffeine, the major ingredient in coffee can be dangerous to your body. Continue reading Quit Coffee:5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Your Favorite Beverage!

9 Natural Remedies Against Common Cold

There is no guaranteed cure for common cold.OTC(Over The Counter) treatments can relieve symptoms or shorten the duration of these symptoms,or you can take the natural way.Explore some effective,completely natural home remedies that can help you feel better.

Here are a list of 9 Natural Ways to Combat Common Cold and Flu Continue reading 9 Natural Remedies Against Common Cold

Soul Searching With Nature!

Soul searching is something related to an internal search for deep meaning in your life.Its an honest evaluation of your feelings and motives.

If you are fortunate, you have an intimate knowledge of the sacred and restorative power of nature. This connection may stem from a childhood spent playing in woods and streams, backpacking in the mountains, or vacationing by the ocean. But for many of us, our world revolves around technology and social interplay. We feel most alive amid the hum of modern life, and when not engaged or busy, we feel numb or disoriented. The inner space that resonates vividly with the natural world is unfamiliar to many of us, especially city dwellers.

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